Designing a Modern Showroom Experience

To coincide with the global reveal of the production-ready Lucid Air, we were invited to work with Lucid’s design and retail teams, as well as architectural partners, Marmol Ratzinger and Gensler, to develop a retail experience rooted in the company’s California heritage and the ideals of a new, post-luxury world. The first slate of North American and European showrooms are designed with an extensive graphics and video package, wayfinding, and hands-on areas, helping tell the story behind each Lucid vehicle, including its design DNA, proprietary technology, and unique approach to color, materials and finishes.

Lucid Motors Showroom

The showroom revolves around the company’s founding pillars of Space, Energy, and Time, which collectively tell the story of how comfort, innovation and connectivity come together to deliver a truly different luxury experience.

Anchoring the showroom is the Lucid Air Dream Edition, a special run of their flagship vehicle.

Lucid Motors Air Logo

Through a series of videos, we tell the story of five locations in California, each inspiring a curated color, materials, and finishes trim package.

Customers can choose from one of the California-inspired CMF packages and experience it through a VR simulation.

Lucid’s technology features prominently throughout the showroom with product displays and infographics telling the founding story of innovation and the fully realized reinvention of automotive design.