Building an Automotive Brand for a Post-Luxury World

Since their founding as a consumer automotive company, we’ve been working in close collaboration with Lucid’s design and engineering teams establishing the company’s position in the marketplace and developing a visual identity system that tells the story of design, technology, and the promise of a new luxury experience.

Lucid’s overarching design philosophy is rooted in their California DNA and leverages their home state’s optimism and pioneering spirit. 

The logo design is a nod to the car itself: elongated, modern, sleek, and timeless.

The wordmark is optically balanced and employs contrasting thick and thin weights designed to add a dynamic quality to each letterform.

The palette is built around a 24-hour color wheel, inspired by the tonal shifts of light during California’s twilight hours. The color wheel also serves as a graphic device, drawing upon each vehicle’s color, material and finishes package to create a palette unique to each car.

A family of fonts blends the story of the technical with the intuitive, supported by a grid system optimized for information hierarchy and clarity.

An online portal allows for easy organization and access to Lucid’s growing image library.

The brand work extends into the first slate of North American and European showrooms.