Lightroom Soars to New Heights

With each new release of Adobe Lightroom, we put the creative lens on photography. Product identities highlight the relationship between light and composition, scale and perspective, realism and the outer reaches of our imagination – and are always captured in-camera.

Amid an array of LED lighting tubes and high test line, Lightroom’s letterforms emerge in a single photographic composition, all within the natural limitations of what could be captured behind the lens.

Adobe Photoshoot for Lightroom in the Redwood Forest
Adobe Photoshoot of Lightroom - Lights setup
Adobe Lightroom Packaging - Front of Box
Adobe Lightroom Website Product Page on iPad
Adobe Lightroom Final Image from Photo Shoot

Lightroom 4 embraces the systematic approach developed for Creative Suite 6, harnessing the power of the individual.

Adobe Lightroom Portrait Photoshoot closeup with large white eyelashes
Adobe Lightroom Textures of Feathers

As in the field, we reviewed each shot on set, selecting the final image that would be used in the Lightroom 4 product campaign.

Adobe Lightroom Photoshoot Behind-the-scenes
Adobe Lightroom Photography Production Screenshot using Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom Website Product page on Laptop
Adobe Lightroom 4 Packaging - Front of Box
Adobe Lightroom 4 Final Photo - Portrait Hero Image