Unbounded Creativity

When Adobe launched CS6, it embraced a web-based delivery model to expand access to its Creative Suite. In our fifth CS collaboration, Tolleson and Adobe prepared for the launch of Adobe CC, the first release to completely shed packaging and establish a permanent home in the cloud.

Two-letter mnemonics served as product heroes, each designed to channel their product’s core disciplines.

Flash is the staging ground for creating and presenting interactive content, where technical design and the theatrics of visual animation align.

InDesign orchestrates the interplay between color, page and type to create harmonious compositions for publication.

After Effects layers color and dimension, imparting an emotional quality to imagery and motion graphics.

Adobe CC After Effects graphic image

Below the surface, Muse manages all the technical complexities, allowing designers to produce engaging web experiences without writing a single line of code.

Premiere unveils the process of storytelling and filmmaking as they give way to cinematic expression.

Photoshop channels the imagination, blurring the line between the actual and the illusionary.

Using Adobe’s legacy mnemonics as heroes gave the campaign instant recognition and an aspirational quality.