Forging A New Experience

In the eyes of architects, designers and homeowners, Rocky Mountain Hardware (RMH) is without peer. Their hand-poured bronze castings are revered industry-wide for their quality and craftsmanship. RMH wanted to convey these qualities in a digital environment, and engaged Tolleson to redesign its website from the ground up, placing an emphasis not only on usability, but on the overall brand experience.

Rocky Mountain Hardware Interactive - Photography of the Art of Creation

The site was designed with product discovery and design inspiration in mind, while also requiring several technical enhancements, including a custom product configurator.

Rocky Mountain Hardware Website on a Laptop and Tablet
Rocky Mountain Hardware Product Landing Web Pages
Rocky Mountain Hardware Photography - Gros Ventre Home

Photographing each of RMH’s marquee collections with personal objects helped tell a story about the products and how they fit within the owner’s lifestyle and design aesthetic.

Behind the scenes at the Rocky Mountain Hardware Photo Shoot
Rocky Mountain Hardware Photography of Flute Handle
Rocky Mountain Hardware Products - Roger Thomas and Lenny Kravitz

We curated RMH’s library of photo assets and provided guidance on how to showcase product, process and built spaces on the site and in future photo shoots.

Rocky Mountain Hardware Website Hero Image - Artisan Ted Boener
Rocky Mountain Hardware Interactive Website - Lenny Kravitz Product Collections
Rocky Mountain Hardware Photography of Patio and Doorknob
Rocky Mountain Hardware Website Pages - Explore Our Process

With a highly technical and customizable product, it was important to establish a hierarchy of product information to optimize the experience for the mobile environment.

Rocky Mountain Hardware Interactive Website viewed on Tablet and Mobile of Product Configurator
Rocky Mountain Hardware Website Hero Image - Product Configurator Photograph