Through the Looking Glass Wall

NanaWall’s glass wall systems are beautifully crafted and precision-engineered to perform in any environment, opening up residential and commercial projects to extraordinary possibilities. Seeking to promote the superior caliber and performance of its product portfolio, NanaWall partnered with Tolleson to reset its brand platform and design an engaging new web experience targeting a diverse set of audiences.

NanaWall Logo on Photo of the Burnaby Residence

A strategic positioning and identity refresh were part of a broader effort to set the new visual direction for NanaWall and lay the groundwork for a website redesign.

NanaWall Interactive Homepage Website on Laptop and iPad
NanaWall Original Logo
NanaWall Brand Strategy Statement
NanaWall Brand System Color Palette
NanaWall Brand System Typefaces
NanaWall Photo Shoot at La Jolla Residence

The curation of NanaWall’s photography was influenced by the repositioning work, highlighting the architectural transformations enabled by a moveable glass wall system.

NanaWall Brochure Spread
NanaWall Photo Shoot at Thomas Jefferson School Joplin

The site was architected with clear user pathing, allowing NanaWall’s diverse customer base to self-select and discover information tailored to their specific needs.

NanaWall Website Homepage Full view
NanaWall Photo of sl82 at Essen Open Office
NanaWall Photo of sl82 at Essen Open Office
NanaWall Photo of sl82 at Essen Open Office

Behind each path users were guided towards content ranging from product overviews to engineering specs.

NanaWall Website Sections - Applications Page and Why NanaWall Page
NanaWall Website Product Pages
NanaWall Photo at Oyster House residence