Beyond Venture Capital

Alter Global believes that entrepreneurship is the key to unlocking economic opportunity. Though unlike traditional venture capital firms, Alter is not about funding the next Silicon Valley company; instead, they are bringing the resources, experience and mentoring of Silicon Valley to entrepreneurs around the world to help spur economic development in their home countries. As Alter geared up for its new round of funding, we worked with the team to develop their narrative, update their identity and conduct a ground-up redesign of their website that would elevate the international entrepreneurs – and the communities they are impacting — as the protagonists of Alter’s story and purpose-driven mission.

The entrepreneur is put front-and-center on the homepage, serving as a jumping off point into each of their stories, companies, and countries of origin.

To reinforce Alter’s global approach, the entrepreneur directory is designed around an interactive map view, with the option to toggle to a more streamlined matrix layout.