Ready. Set. Studio TK.

When Teknion, a leader in the contract furniture industry, began noticing a shift in the way people were working, they made a strategic bet to incubate a new, designer-focused brand that could more nimbly adapt to the changing workplace. Two years after demonstrating its viability, the upstart was ready to become independent, and turned to us to help position their business, craft their identity, and launch their brand, Studio TK.

By positioning Studio TK as exclusively focused on social applications, we were encouraged to create a look and feel that, true to its social nature, personified a sense of warmth and welcome.

The identity system took on a dynamic quality as a nod to the way social spaces – and by extension, Studio TK’s products – can be adapted to every type of work culture.

The brand’s tone and voice sought to cut through the industry lingo with messaging that was casual, carefree, and a tad playful.

Key to establishing Studio TK’s credibility as a thought leader was helping them articulate a point of view on social spaces, the work culture, and their collective influence on design.

Original photography and illustrations gave voice to Studio TK’s vision for the social office, while also giving architects and interior designers assets to spec their own projects.

Endowing Studio TK with a distinctive voice within their industry was more than a messaging exercise; it was a commitment to creating a set of tools that removed friction from the design process, whether through improved information discovery or access to new design ideas.