A Brand Among Brands

With over 1,900 stores across 29 countries, Sephora is among the world’s leading retailers of beauty products. Global expansion and an ever-growing inventory of new and classic brands prompted Tolleson’s engagement, resulting in a retail experience transcending their more than 250 product brands competing for customer attention.

Sephora Retail Book Cover

Four distinct worlds – curated, color, fragrance and skincare – were developed to help customers navigate the store and focus the shopping experience.

Sephora Retail Photo - Face Hot Now campaign
Sephora Retail Book - Fragrance Spread
Sephora Retail Photo - Face Green
Sephora Retail Store - Interior Space Favorites

A strong typographic system, based on simple yet expressive treatments, served the dual role of inspiring at the highest line of sight within the store and informing at the shelf level.

Sephora Retail Book - Inspire, Inform Spread
Sephora Retail Book - Beauty Spread
Sephora Retail Brand Collage of Inspire, Inform Campaign
Sephora Retail Book Spread on Typography

Each Sephora world is distinguished by its own look and feel within the holistic retail experience. An overview of the brand expression was delivered as a look book to train and inspire Sephora leadership.

Sephora Retail Store - Interior space displaying skin care
Sephora Retail Brand Collage of Skin care
Sephora Retail Book Spread - Black Lips Detail Shot
Sephora Retail Book Spread - Feminine

A brand video was created to accompany the look book and build momentum around the new retail experience.

Sephora Retail Brand presenting Play Pink Campaign