Illuminating the Road Ahead

Every Pablo product perfectly distills the studio’s design philosophy—minimalist forms, carefully sculpted lines, and meticulous attention to all the ways light transforms its environment. As part of a refresh, the objective was to elevate Pablo’s designs as hero, creating a one-to-one relationship between product and brand.

Pablo Designs Circa Pendant White

Developing a strategic vision for Pablo helped anchor the studio around a common set of ideals that would influence each element of the brand experience.

Pablo Designs Brazo Table Detail Shot

The logotype was fine tuned for improved legibility. Product names and applications were rendered in a sans serif typeface to pair with Pablo’s logotype and design aesthetic.

Photography showcased the personality and design details of each product, and became a major vehicle for establishing the brand’s signature expression.

Pablo Designs Lim360 Naranjo on a desk

The clarity of Pablo’s design thinking extended effortlessly into every product touchpoint, including the brand’s website, product packaging and showroom environment.

Pablo Designs Website Home Page - Tubetop
Pablo Designs Packaging - Lim360
Pablo Designs Packaging - Lim360, Pixo, Clamp Mini
Pablo Designs at ICFF 2012