Filling the Blank Page

The blank page, often a catalyst for creative expression, can equally provoke by what is left unwritten. In that way, paper is not just a medium – it is the message. For Gmund’s Lakepaper Blocker, we were asked to celebrate both, showcasing the versatility of the paper by filling the pages within. Demonstrating the digital, UV, and offset print capabilities of Blocker was the only requirement. How we did it was left up to us.

To appreciate the Blocker, customers had to engage with it. We looked to our own backyard in the Bay Area to find three artists to tell their stories and showcase their work – and ultimately give life to each page and print technique.

Heather Day
“I’m fascinated by the process. I view it as taking what I saw out in nature and pouring it onto the canvas and manipulating the paint similar to conceptual situations I saw while traveling.”

Tiffanie Turner
“I find a decaying flower beautiful; part of it is intact, while another part falls away. I want people to see the beauty in the decay.”

Aoi Yamaguchi
“With a blank white piece of paper in front of you, you only have one shot, so I try to meditate and be conscious of the present moment so that I can find where to start, where to go, and where to end.”