Eat, Shop and Gather

SHED embodies the connection between good farming, good cooking and good eating. Bringing these ideals to the fore was the focus of the web redesign, underscored by improved user-pathing and a scalable e-commerce solution.

SHED Identity with image of Pie Making

The site was organized around three main themes: Eat, Shop and Gather. This simplified taxonomy served to highlight SHED’s core offering and improve site navigation.

SHED Interactive Home Page on laptop and Tablet
SHED Interactive Website - Eat, Shop, Gather Landing Pages

Photography was introduced as a storytelling tool, communicating SHED’s farm-food-community focus.

SHED Exterior Photo of Patio and Seating Area
SHED Interactive Website - Shop and About Pages

An integrated e-commerce solution bridged the experience of shopping in store and online, with a style of product photography to match the SHED retail aesthetic.

SHED Photography of the Cafe
SHED Interactive Website - Eat and Shop Landing Pages
SHED Product Photography - Rolling Pins and Pie Kit
SHED Photography - Bags of Grain